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Your Trusted Traverse City Financial Planning Company

  • Over 20 Years of Financial Management Experience
  • Custom Retirement, Investments, & Estate Conservation Strategies
  • Educational Funding Solutions for Your Family
  • Complimentary Consultations Available to Schedule

We take a comprehensive approach to your financial well-being by providing you with ongoing information that will help you achieve your goals and help protect you and your loved ones.

Who We are

At Fortitude Wealth Planners, we believe everyone should have access to essential financial management services and advice that can help them live the life they’ve always dreamed of. We believe in providing our clients with a holistic financial planning approach, identifying all your financial and personal goals to determine the best courses of action in regards to plotting your retirement, managing your assets, or preparing for you and your family’s future.

It’s our mission to develop a life-long relationship with all of our clients, being with you every step of the way as we plan and manage your financial future together. As a fully independent firm, we are free from the pressures of selling proprietary products.

What We do

We believe in holistic financial planning, which focuses on the big picture of your financial management needs, assessing your goals, assets, experiences, etc., to equip you with the necessary financial management solutions that pertain directly to you or your family. Since Fortitude Wealth Planners began, we’ve set out to build personal connections with all of our clients, from young parents to couples in retirement and everyone in between.

Most people may feel overwhelmed when it comes to attempting to dissect and analyze their finances, as well as their financial futures. That’s where we come in, giving you someone in your corner to help you discover and attain your financial and investment objectives, forever serving as your financial coach. We’ll break down your existing finances and assets, pointing out the best ways for you to utilize your resources while tackling all the big questions, such as, ‘Where should I invest my 401K?’ or ‘Should I pay off my car or student loans first?’

Once we’ve identified and plotted out your financial strategies, we’ll continue to provide you with insight on all aspects of your finances and assets, maintaining a long-lasting and healthy relationship as we help you achieve your financial goals.

Why Fortitude Wealth Planners?

We don’t want anyone to feel confused or intimidated about their financial future. When you choose to utilize our services, you can expect to experience all of the following benefits:

  • Direct financial advice from a team of experienced, qualified, and dedicated financial professionals
  • Personalized financial review process to help you pursue and achieve your goals
  • Develop a path to take you from where you are today to where you want to go
  • Custom financial planning for a wide range of matters, such as financial basics, risk management, investing principles, retirement, education funding, estate conservation, and more
  • Personable and approachable staff members that will make you feel comfortable from your initial complimentary consultation appointment
  • Wide variety of financial and insurance products that can cater to your specific investment or retirement needs

Contact Us Today For Custom Financial Planning Services

When you’re ready to see what your financial future has in store for you, contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation appointment, or give us a call at 231-947-2920 to have any questions answered directly by our team of professional financial advisors.
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