Why Fortitude Wealth Planners?

Whether you’re trying to secure proper funding for your child’s college education or you’re gearing up to plan your retirement, Fortitude Wealth Planners has the custom strategies to maximize your financial potential and help accomplish your life goals. We offer programs that will equip you with complete financial perspectives on a wide range of topics; including financial basics, risk management, 401(k) guidance, investing principles, retirement, estate conservation, and more.

When you need a Traverse City financial advisor firm that’s truly dedicated to building a long-lasting relationship with you en route to achieving all your financial dreams, contact Fortitude Wealth Planners today to schedule your complimentary consultation appointment!

Pave the Path to Accomplishing Your Financial Goals

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At Fortitude Wealth Planners, we believe the road to retirement shouldn’t be endured alone. We understand how intimidating and perplexing managing your finances can be at times, which is why we’ve dedicated our life’s work to ensure all our Northern Michigan clients receive the necessary guidance to proactively manage their money, with professional risk management assessments and intuitive asset allocation strategies. We provide a vast array of financial management services, including:
  • IRA Assessments, including Traditional, Roth, Rollover, Simple, SERP, and Spousal IRA Plans
  • Pension and Profit Sharing Strategies and Retirement Distribution Arrangements
  • Wealth Management Guidance from Investment Advisory Services to Estate Planning and more
  • Insurance Planning to Develop and Implement the Best Insurance Options Based on Your Coverage Needs
  • 401(k) / 403(b) Plans to Plot Out Your Retirement, Including Roth 401(k) Set-Ups and Rollovers
  • Educational Funding Strategies to Secure Proper Financial Aid for College and Other Educational Opportunities
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